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I’m all for going off for trips on my bike. It has to be one of the best things to do.

I must admit there are two difficulties I have though.

Firstly I have to admit to being a bit of a gear freak. I just can’t resist getting a bit of new “essential” cool camping gear.

That means I often don’t have space for everything I need (“need”).

And that means either stuffing my bags too full, or, Heaven forbid, leaving something behind.


And that brings me to problem number two.

I shouldn’t say “problem”.

What I mean is that my wife is not keen on roughing it in a small tent, or sleeping under a tarp and she is not keen on staying home.

She loves being on the back of the bike, but it always has to be short day trips.


I saw the answer on my last trip.

I pulled in for the night at a favorite spot and found there was a couple already there. They had one of those cool looking motor cycle camping trailers behind the bike.

They had pulled in just a few minutes ahead of me and were just getting set up, so I watched for a while.

This little trailer was an amazing thing. In the space of about 10 minutes they had it set up.

It had a fold out floor and a tent they erected on top. It was easily big enough for two and they would be warm and dry off the ground.

That thing was so cool that it set my new gear compulsion on fire. I just had to have one of those Motorcycle Camping Trailers.


I got talking to them and found it wasn’t too expensive, easy to tow and they had just bought it online. after seeing one themselves – in the exact same spot!

“Coincidence”, I thought. Now I’m one for believing that coincidences mean something. That was all the assurance I needed (not much) to make me decide to get one.

Those folks were so nice, Karen and Tim . We arranged for them to stop by my home on their way back as it was not too far out of the way.

Then my wife Susie could have a good look at it and would hopefully be convinced it was a good thing.

She was.

It is.

So we have done two trips with the motor cycle camping trailer.

All good, very good indeed.

The one we got is the same as Tim and Karen. Its called the Solace Pull Behind motorcycle camper trailer.

It looks like this - and you can get it here.

Motorcycle Camping Trailer1 Motorcycle Camping Trailers











Now if that is not your thing there is a couple of alternatives.

If you are more into just pitching a tent then I would recommend the ”My Best Buddy Camper Trailer.”

You can see more about it here

This is how it looks.

Motorcycle camping trailer. 2 Motorcycle Camping Trailers











O.K., so you are not going to sleep in it, but it will carry everything you need and leave room on the back of your bike.

It holds about 18 cubic feet, so you are not going to leave much behind.

Not a bad alternative and it does save a bit of money too.

For me that is the best of the cargo trailers. It is well streamlined and I would think easy to tow.

Mine certainly is and this is smaller.


Otherwise, if you want to take it up a notch there’s the Legacy trailer.

- Hand-laid fiberglass, independent torsion suspension, stainless steel and chrome fittings. It sure looks the part.

Its a bit more expensive, but hey, if you’ve got the bike to put in front of it, why not?

You can get a bit more on this here.

Motorcycle Camping Trailers. 3 300x209 Motorcycle Camping Trailers








There’s 19 cubic feet in this one and it has a spare (that no doubt takes up a couple of cubic feet, but hey, its a good thought).


Now there is one other. This one, being uncovered allows you to really stack it up if you want. It does come with the bag you see in the photos.

Look Here for more info

You could pile it full of very necessary cool camping gear and put the bag on top!

Mororcycle Camping Trailers.4 Motorcycle Camping Trailers











The long drawbar and the lack of cowling do have an advantage.

It gets the trailer away from you exhausts. The ones with cowling can reflect a hang of a lot of exhaust noise back at you.

The legacy is not bad because the front slopes down and should direct the noise to the ground and the My Best Buddy one should be good too.

Mine has quite a square front and it does bounce a bit of noise back, but not too bad. It just sounds a little odd until you get used to it.

I would have thought the bike wasn’t running right if Tim hadn’t told me about it.

Not much of a pay off for having your accommodation behind you – free accommodation too!

The good thing is there’s room for a cooler up front, so the beer stays cold.

If you follow those links you can get these at some pretty decent prices.

Chad Torrington
I really enjoy camping. Fun, outdoors, new places, new people, and relaxation. What more do you need? Well... fine weather....good gear... yep, that's it! Let's go camping

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